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Topics: Culture, Working class, Middle class Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Discuss some of the concerns and anxieties aroused by the emergence of 'mass culture'

There has always been a definitive struggle to define culture as it is so complex and means something different to each individual. Culture affects all of us in different ways resulting in multiple definitions of culture. Culture had previously been seen as a way of improvement and growth, helping us to understand our place in society and guiding us towards a better understanding of ourselves. Over the previous number of decades our society and culture has changed significantly without us even realising that this can have a number of effects on the way we live our daily lives. The major changes in our society such as industrialisation, modernisation and a move to a postmodernist era means that there has been a emergence of a new mass culture. A widespread debate concerning the emergence of 'mass culture' into society has emerged as it has caused much controversy and has caused many theorists to discuss how this has effected our society and culture as a whole. As quoted by the book 'After the great divide: Modernism, Mass culture, Postmodernism' “The culture of modernity has been characterized by a volatile relationship between high art and mass culture”. It is quite clear to see that our societal and class structure has changed slightly and this has brought about huge changes In other aspects of our lives. Such as the emergence of new 'digital' cities, this means new possibilities but also new anxieties brought about by these changes. Many people believe that we have entered a new era in our culture, that we have made a move into a postmodern society mainly concerned with mass production and new forms of media. Our culture began to change with the emergence of a new popular culture, with new ways to mass produce and bring media and information to the masses. Some cultural theorists believe that mass or popular culture come's from the class structure. The question is...
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