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JOR 110 Introduction to Mass Media
23 July 2013
Connected, But Alone?
Has technology completely taken over our world? The amount of electronics humans have in this day and age seems to take up all our time, and our minds are completely focused on that. Our generation seems to separate ourselves from people and focus more on the devices we obtain. In the documentary "Connected, but alone?" by Sherry Turkle, she explains the different situations that people who acquire electronics go through on a daily basis and that we are "letting it take us places we don't want to go." Through this presentation, she discussed how disconnected we are from real life. We are getting used to a new way of being together by not actually being together. We only want to focus on where we want to put our attention. People are now texting through everything, including funerals. I agree with her on this point, because I have noticed people being disconnected from others in front of them because they base all their attention on the cell phones. Nowadays, electronics have truncated the connection between humans due to the focus we have on digital devices.

Sherry Turkle has first-hand experience regarding the effects of electronics because she has studied their usage and how technology has affected people of this generation. This presentation made the topic clearer and actually brought into perspective how uneducated some people are about having conversations with others. She talked about an instance when an 18-year-old boy said to her, "...someday, someday, but certainly not now, I would like to learn how to have a conversation...." It shows how distanced we have become from regular connection with other people, which is becoming increasingly true. Our body might want to be somewhere, but at the same time our mind and attention is somewhere else. With all our attention focused on a device, we do not develop the skills needed to hold a conversation with someone. I, for...
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