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Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Miesha Green
Professor Tokeya C. Graham
ENG 101: College Composition
29 September 2014
Rochester Riot
July 24, 1964 would be a very inspirational day many Rochesterians would not forgot, but will always remember. For three days and two nights, many African American residing in Rochester, NY had started a riot in the streets of Joseph Avenue and several other areas of the city. They looted neighborhoods taking down several businesses. During the night of July 24th, an intoxicated African American male was arrested following a report of him messing with several women. In the documentary July 64, “Rumors spread that a child was bitten by a police dog and a woman was slapped by a police officer is what started the riot.” Based on the documentary July ‘64 directed by James Lawrence which shows the events that led up to the riot has helped many people who was unaware learn about historical event. There were several issues that took place as far as the socioeconomic status (Rochester being a “smuggish town”) segregation and race relations. Rochester NY was a city with big dreams that will one day change the life of many people forever.

Rochester, NY had been known as a “smggish town” due to socioeconomic status the city had. It was a city with a large amount of wealth and major corporations which offered the residents living there a great opportunity to provide for their families. Residents living there believed they had nothing to be concerned about. They thought their lives were all set along with their children’s lives. They had their mind set on the children going off to college and growing up to work at the same job as their parents. Being that the town was so wealthy, no one noticed of any change. No one noticed the financial hard ships that the town was facing because they were too worried about themselves. They had no idea that the good life they were living would have a huge impact on their lives that would change dramatically.

Many Southern...
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