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Topics: Motivation Pages: 5 (1657 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Mini Project: Motivating the Team to perform & planning & Monitoring Work Mark Turner
I am the team leader of a department within PriceWaterhouseCoopers the accountancy firm; the areas I look after are Central Filling, Mail & distribution and Logistics & Fulfilment. The MITIE department look after all document management so the accountants can concentrate on accounting, MITIEs design team will design the documents on site, the print room will print the documents and we will send the documents. My role is to ensure all areas communicate and work towards the strict SLAs that are in place, I also will deal with any complaints or tech issues that may arise within our team. I also work closely with the Account Manager and will carry out reporting duties and attend various meetings with suppliers and clients. Planning your teams work:

* One objective that the whole team works towards is the SLAs that are in place, every department from Design to Mail have SLAs to adhere too and if at any point there is a breakdown of communication between departments we could miss our SLA and the knock on effect to PwC could be huge! One of the mail room SLAs is “ To deliver / Collect mail from each practice floor daily at 09:15, 14:00, 16:00, 16:45 & 17:30” * One organisation policy that again the whole team needs to be aware off is the PC usage policy, not only does PwC have a strict policy but MITIE also have a policy in place one of which is not to download 3rd party software on to the PC such as games from web sites etc. Every member of the onsite MITIE team has a PC and me and Account manager also have laptops for home working so it is imperative that the team and myself keep up to date with the policy. * Allocation of work in my department is quite straight forward, the mail team will look after mail and central filling will look after the filling side of the department, each member of the mail team are given specific floors in the building and they will deliver mail to that floor. The central filling team have a different kind of allocation as their work is request driven, we have a request system on our PCs and they will then work as a team to fulfil requests in a set SLA. * Once work is allocated I normally ask questions to check understanding and also follow up instructions with an email to ensure the team have it for future reference. I also check our SLA figures and any failures will highlight that something is going wrong somewhere....Up to writing this today I’ve not had any failures in over 2 years! Monitoring your teams work:

* I monitor my teams work in various ways, I generally run reports and check SLA reports to see how we are doing and also I am very hands on so will walk around the department asking questions and getting regular updates from team members in their respective departments. * If someone in the team is under performing it is my job to first identify why this is, I would first have an informal chat with the person to see if there are any issues that could be affecting their performance such as personal problems, I would then check to ensure they are fully trained and understand their role. If there is no hidden issues and it is just bad performance I would then have a formal meeting and make the person aware that there performance is under par and will need to improve within an agreed time period, 3 months for example with follow up meetings monthly for feedback and monitoring. * The only real conflicting / incompatibility objective I can think of is the fact that MITIE on our account will not use temporary staffs to cover absence or holidays which is understandable as the work we carry out is very confidential. The way we overcome this is by cross training our current work force and swap around team members to different departments which is a good way of keeping costs down but does have a direct impact on my team as they are the ones who are fully...
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