Mississippi Masala

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (1123 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Allyssa Kibler
Professor Solomon Nelson PhD
EN 304 Race, Gender, and Literature
423862571818500Mira Nair, the director of Mississippi Masala, released this romantic drama in the year 1991. This film depicts the struggles of an Indian family when they were forced out of their home in Uganda after Idi Amin, the third President of Uganda, took power. This family consists of a Jay, his wife Kinnu, and their daughter Mina. From this moment Jay vows to maintain a hatred of black people, so long as he doesn’t have his property. The film then skips forward to 1990 to show that the family moved to Greenwood, Mississippi. At the young age of twenty-four Mina falls deeply in love with Demetrius, a hardworking black man who owns his own carpet cleaning business. When word of this love spreads through town, chaos and rage erupt between the families of the two love birds as well as the entire town. Overall, this film offers an alternative perspective of prejudices, and how these prejudices can cause devastation in the lives of all who are involved. In the papers, on the internet, and in history books taught in schools it is not uncommon to find a story on racism. It is typically racism against a black person that is brought to the attention of the general public. This film offers an alternative perspective of history, race and miscegenation. It achieves this by showing racism from the perspective of an Indian family rather than an African American family. The belief that some races are better than others is what forced black people into slavery in America. In this film it is shown that this belief is what forced the Indians to America after Idi Amin became President of Uganda. It should also be known that is superiority originally brought the Indians to Africa to build the railroads. What makes this perspective so different is that the racism portrayed in this film is not the typical white people versus black people. Instead it is two minority groups, the...
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