Mlk vs Malcolm X

Topics: Black people, Civil disobedience, Nonviolence Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: April 5, 2009
Before 1965, the Civil Rights movement was focused on the notion that blacks needed to be integrated into the white community. However, in 1965 there was a shift in both goals and ideologies, causing a split among Civil Rights activists. By 1965, social and political equality had been reached through legislation, but economic inequality was still a problem for blacks. Martin Luther King, Jr. argued that blacks needed to continue on the path of nonviolent resistance to gain economic equality by forcing a moral crisis on the white population. Malcolm X argued that the problems blacks faced should be resolved by self-sufficiency and autonomy, not by supplicating to whites. Malcolm X’s plan was more likely to solve the economic problems facing blacks after 1965 because in his plan, blacks are not portrayed as victims, and therefore don’t rely on the moral conscience of white people. Martin Luther King Junior’s “Nonviolent Civil Disobedience” was successful in achieving political and social progress for blacks but was not effective in solving the economic problems facing blacks after 1965 (class notes). King was asking for black integration into white society. The first step of King’s plan was to refuse to support a morally wrong system, for example desegregation or white businesses. A peaceful, nonviolent protest will follow; blacks will accept the attacks and legal punishments by their oppressors. As a result, blacks will be portrayed as victims. For example, many Civil Rights activists were involved in “sit-ins,” or peaceful protests against white restaurants which refused to serve colored people (class notes). During the protest, many white racist civilians attacked the blacks for no other reason than that they were colored. The media then received the story, and published articles which confronted white people with the truth of the situation: blacks were being oppressed. Whites were forced into a moral crisis, and eventually changed their mind...
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