Models of Communication

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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Models of Communication

1. The sender sends a massage by her mouth and it passes through noise. The message then reaches the receivers ear. This model in the book shows the importance of clear speaking so that when the receiver gets the message it is the actual meaning of message. Linear models stressed the importance of the source and the clarity of the message sent. Effective communication occurred if the receiver understood the sender’s message or meaning.

1. The sender sends the message through the noise; the receiver then gets the message and relays feedback that they understand the message. I can see the importance of this model that you need to acknowledge that you understand the message. You might have heard it wrong and will be misinformed of the actual message so by acknowledging or clarifying the original message you can there for fully understands. Interactive models stressed that communicators both sent and received messages, and highlighted the fact that receivers convey messages in response to the sender’s message. This model builds on the first model by adding in the importance of feedback.

1. This model shows that the sender and receiver interact by continuously communicating building a common relationship. By communicating and interacting it becomes easier to understand the other person. The transactional model captures the fact that each communicator is a sender and receiver at the same time and meaning is created as people communicate. The transactional model also reveals that communication is an ongoing process and that previous communication events and relationships influence its meaning. This model adds that communication is an ongoing process and not just sending and receiving like the last model.

1. This model shows that sending and receiving messages are influenced by culture race location and society. The book defines communication as a transactional process in which people generate...
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