Modern Trade

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Summer Internship Report

Company Name: FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Del Monte), Bengaluru

Project Title: Analysis & optimization of sales and distribution network, Brand promotion and Merchandising

By Sai Krishna M PGDM-IB Roll No.23

Under the guidance of Mr. Y V Vijay Kumar Area Sales Manager FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru Prof. Ramki Faculty KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai


K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research

Certificate from Summer Project Guides
We approve this Summer Project Report titled Analysis & optimization of sales and distribution network, Brand promotion and Merchandising as a certified study in management carried out and presented in a manner satisfactory to warrant its acceptance as a prerequisite for the award of Post Graduate Program in International Business for which it has been submitted. It is understood that by this approval we do not necessarily endorse or approve any statement made, opinion expressed or conclusion drawn therein but approve the Summer Project Report only for the purpose it is submitted. Summer Project Report Examination Committee for evaluation of Summer Project Report Name Signature

1. Faculty Examiner

2. PG Summer Project Co-coordinator


On this opportunity I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my college, K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai and to Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd., for offering me a unique platform to earn exposure and garner knowledge in the field of sales and distribution of premium FMCG products. This project was a great learning experience and provided me an up close insight of how the sales & distribution, merchandizing and promotional activities are carried out. I am especially thankful to my guide Mr. Vijay Kumar for the kind support and guidance that he extended to me throughout the project. I also want to convey my sincere thanks to my college faculty Prof Ramki, SIMSR who has been guiding me throughout the project. He was there to help me out at all possible situations. Last but not the least I would like to express my profound gratitude and thanks to each and every employee of Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. who knowingly or unknowingly have contributed in their own ways to the successful completion of this project.

Sai Krishna M PGDM(IB)-023 SIMSR, Mumbai


ABSTRACT The project was aimed at understanding and then analyzing the sales and distribution channel of Field Fresh Foods and the methods in which the company is currently carrying out promotional activities for their Del Monte range of products. Del Monte, an international conglomerate in food industry has recently entered the Indian market. While the market potential is huge, the competition is also fierce. Typical of the FMCG market almost all the major FMCG players wage a price war. Del Monte products are positioned as premium products. To reach the target segment and convince them of assured high quality which is the Del Monte promise is a challenging job. The sales and distribution network is the backbone of any FMCG company. In my project, I started off with the feasibility study of usage of perforated sheets as a promotional material in private vehicles. Following which I studied the sales and distribution model of Del Monte products in Bangalore city focusing on Modern Trade outlets which included stand alone super market outlets. I gave the feedback about how the present Distribution model is working and also gave suggestions for optimization of sales and distribution network. The issues with retailers and distributors regarding the products were reported to company. I was also looking after point-of-sale promotions of Del Monte products at the supermarkets that I was allotted.


Acknowledgement Abstract Chapter 1 - Introduction
Topic Objectives of Study Research Methodology .6 6 ..7 . 3 .4

Conclusion Chapter 2 - About the...
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