Mr. Pip

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Preliminary Activities


Narnia made a big impression on me. I don’t really like books, but I like this book. It’s about an amazing world, and it has a good story.

This summer I went to Japan. I stayed some days at a Zen temple in Kyoto. There I met a very wise monk. He taught me a lot of interesting things. I learned a lot of him.

Section 1 (p. 1-49)

1. Character list
* Mr Watts (Pop eye)
* ‘Everyone called him Pop Eye’
* ‘He looked like someone who had seen or known great suffering and hadn’t been able to forget it’ * ‘His large eyes in his large head stuck out further than anyone else’slike they wanted to leave the surface of his face’ * ‘His nose was already big’

* ‘We never saw him smile’
* ‘Some days he wore a clown’s nose’
* ‘Popeye was the only White for miles around’
* ‘Bony knees’
* ‘The last white men’
* ‘They lived alone in the minister’s old house’ * Matilda
* ‘I was a skinny thirteen-year-old’
* ‘Us barefoot kids’
* ‘I slept in the same room as my mum’
* Grace Watts
* ‘She looked like an ice queen’
* ‘Nearly every woman on our island had crinkled hair, but Grace had straightened hers’ * ‘Huge bum’
* Matilda’s mother (Dolores)
* ‘A strong believer in an unknown Christian denomination’ * ‘She has many different viewpoints on issues with Mr. Watts’ * ‘She is suspicious about Great Expectations’

* Mabel’s father
* ‘This quiet man with a flat nose and calm, listening eyes’ * ‘A happy man’
* ‘He did not raise his voice, so we did not hear what was said, but we heard its calm flow and soon, to our amazement, we heard one of the drunks begin to sob’

2. Summary
* Matilda is a girl on an island called Bougainville. Her teacher, Mr Watts, is reading a book called ‘Great expectations’ to his class. There’s a character in the book called Pip, and Matilda feels like Pip is her friend.

Section 2 (p. 50-117)

1. Character list
* Matilda
* I had come to know this Pip as if he were real and I could feel his breath on my cheek. P50 * I learned to enter the soul of another. P50
* I was dying to pick the book up and gaze at the words and locate Pip's name on the page. P58 * I didn't want to be told. I wanted to hear from the book. I wanted to move at the book's pace. I didn't want to jump ahead. P 59 * Matilda’s mother (Dolores)

* My mum even returned to speak of things I had never heard her say before. P56 * Her heavy eyelids drew back and she gave Mr Watts a hostile look. P 67 * What made her blood run hot was this white boy Pip and his place in my life. P 68 * My mum was so eager for us kids to know what she knew, but she didn’t know how to plant it in our heads. P69 * Mr Watts

* He was happy to be the brunt of the joke, but the moment he dropped his eyes to the open pages of Great Expectations we shut up. P73 * This was one of those moments that reminded us of Mr Watts’ status as the last white man on the island. P73 * A distance had opened up between us and Mr Watts, between his whiteness and our blackness, and none of us wanted to have to stand next to here Mr Watts stood all alone. P86 * For the first time Mr Watts looked worried. P89

* ‘Sometimes as he read we saw him smile privately’ * ‘He saved his white linen suit for school’
* ‘Terribly thin’
* ‘He looked like a skinny white vine’
* ‘Flapping toenail on his big toe’
* ‘It’s hard to be a perfect human being’
* ‘Mr Watts does not use the bible’
* ‘The last mammoth’
* ‘Lonely at times’
* ‘Mr Watts towered over the soldiers’...
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