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Topics: Criminal law, Misdemeanor, Crime Pages: 11 (3588 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Bl. 12 Lot 28 MGS Sta, Rosa I
Marilao, Bulacan, 3019 Philippines

Dear Mr. Reyes:

I tender this letter as my formal resignation from the position of Critical Nurse (Intensive Care Unit) in Pandya Hospital. My last day in employment at this hospital is 17 February 2011. I have accepted a position as Senior Critical Nurse – Intensive Care Unit in Aga Khan Hospital. This position, I believe, will have more challenges for me and will also be a good opportunity to advance my skills and broaden my knowledge and experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the working team in the Intensive Care Unit for the support and guidance accorded to me. I continue wishing you and the hospital every success.

Very truly yours,

Leonissa M. Marmol

Lolomboy, Bulacan, Philippines

Dear Mr. Smith:

Please accept this letter as formal notice of my resignation from the position of Critical Nurse (Intensive Care Unit) with Nathan Jones Hospital. My last working day will be on 17 February 2011, two weeks from today, as per my employment contract. Thank you for the opportunities I have been given during my time with the hospital. I wish you and the hospital well in the future.

Ma. Del Carmen Galapon

Grave Offences

1. Petty theft
Theft is an umbrella term that grand theft, burglary, robbery, theft, embezzlement or any other instance includes its Property against their will. In most countries will be determined by a number of petty thefts value. For example, petty theft in Washington State, California and most other states in the U.S. is the theft of under $ 500. All that what everyone in defense Angeles or Seattle criminal lawyer will tell a lot about you, is classified as a theft crime can be at large, can.

2. Public intoxication
In some states, public drunkenness a crime. public drunkenness in general concerns Intoxicated individuals causing a disturbance in a private or public. Intoxication caused by alcohol or drugs. public drunkenness or disorderly conduct is treated with alcohol at the state level and vary widely for this reason the sanctions. California and Kansas, both considered public drunkenness a crime, while Nevada and Montana have more public drunkenness.

3. Simple Assault
Simple assault is a typical example of a misdemeanor. Simple assault on police officers, elected officials and social workers are crimes, an exemption from assault laws easier. Simple assault is defined as an assault without the intent of injury. An example of a simple attack can attempt to cause physical harm to anyone, or just someone who invade personal space.

4. Transgression
Trespass is the act of someone who illegally enter, hiking, live or on private property. E 'common to see "No trespassing" signs in places such as schools and private hunting grounds. Trespassing laws vary among states, but are commonly found as a crime. There are some exceptions to rules infringement, including law enforcement, meter readers, inspectors and the government.

5. Indecent exposure
Probably the most diverse offense is indecent. Since the term "indecent" can mean many different things, is to enforce the specific responsibility of this crime. In the State of Washington, Seattle would be a criminal lawyer defined as indecent exposure intentionally exposes his person to another with the knowledge that the action may also trigger an alarm accordingly. Expose yourself to a child under fourteen years is considered a grave offense, a crime.

Criminal Negligence
I. Introduction: Negligence may either be criminal or not. Non criminal negligence may either be contractual or quasi-edictal. Criminal Negligence is the third among the three classes of crimes, the two others being intentional or malicious crimes and the other being crimes mala prohibita. II. Negligence is deficiency of perception or lack...
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