My Mother

Topics: Family, Gloria Jones Pages: 2 (915 words) Published: June 11, 2008
“One should never be satisfied with oneself because the moment of satisfaction marks a halt in progress”. This is one of my mother’s sayings that has been staying in my mind for years, and maybe forever. My mother, who has had a significant influence in my life, is my greatest love and the one that I am always proud of. My mother is a very good looking woman even though she dresses very simple. She has a long, black hair with the same hair-style for forty years. She owns a very warm and soft voice which made all the stories that she used to read us before bed time became very attractive. She is the kind of person whom every one wants to make friends with because she is very charming, honest and reliable. My mother is an extraordinary person. Life has not always been easy for her. During her childhood, she had to live with my grandfather who was addicted to alcohol since my grandparents got divorced. She started to cook and do all the housework when she was only eight years old. As a teenager, she would love to go to school and socialize with her friends but she could not. She had to drop school to take care of her father who had tongue cancer and was not be able to work, so she started to work from dusk to dawn to support her family and helped her father to fight his cancer. She got married when she was twenty seven years old. I was born two years after that. I still remember how she struggled taking care of me and her father who was very weak at that time. She used to put me in a small chair right next to my grandfather’s bed so she could feed both of us at the same time before running to work. Despite the burdens she faced, my mother managed to keep a positive disposition. Although she was very busy, she still found time to help the ill and abandoned children in the neighborhood. With all the experience in her life, my mother developed the value of selflessness and has tried to pass this value to me. She has taught me to love and care for others....
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