Natural Crime and Legal Crime

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Law Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Natural Crime and Legal Crime
Antoine Brown
Axia College of the University of Phoenix
Foundations of Criminal Justice CJA/ 303
Matthew Smith
November 10, 2008

What are Natural Crime and Legal Crime? A natural crime is an act in which the ethics of society finds a particular action to be offensive. This nature of crime is associated with Malum in se; a term that signifies crime that is considered wrong in and of it self (, 2008). Legal crime is an act that violates criminal law, a man made law and forced by the state. Legal crime is associated with malum prohibitum; a term applied to any action is criminalized strictly by statue and statutory law. Crime is a definition of behavior that is conferred on some persons by others (Robinson, 2005). These crimes are some what of the same and may be view differently by the nature of its actions. For every crime that is committed, there is a certain label that particular crime must go under. After an arrest is made on an offender, information is gather; then there has to be an decision made whether it was a natural crime or legal crime. The comparison of these two crimes are easily differentiated, but both are wrongful acts. The reason I stated both are wrongful acts is because like stated before; crime is a definition of behavior.In my own words, wrongful behavior that is considered naturally wrong. Natural and Legal crime crisscross with each other in so many ways. The definition of Natural Crime (Malum in se) and Legal Crime (Malum prohibitum) can be problematic. The reason why I state this is because, at this point there are very small amount of rules in a society that subsist on a natural point. On the other hand, any particular society has to have some sense of shared ethic, which, even in the deficiency of official law, would forbid certain behavior. The very end result to this is that more often than not, thing people of society consider being Natural Crime (Malum in se) is...
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