Need of Reform on Criminal Justice System

Topics: Law, Criminal justice, Criminal law Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Need of Reforms in Criminal Justice System

Law is a set of rules and regulation prescribed by the administration in justice. The first and the foremost objective of law are welfare and betterment of society i.e. in easy words we can say that provide justice to a common man. In today’s era Change is constant, this is evident as the time is changing and so is the law in the form of amendment. But even in the new phase of legislations the “criminal justice system” of India is yet to improve. The biggest obstacle is that, we have very old substantive and procedural laws for the criminal justice system. The Indian Penal Code is of 1860; with the passage of time the conditions are changing. Before Indian Independence there were some moral values existed in the society but since the times are changing, the approach and outlook towards the legal system is also moving away from its goal.

Many experts of law talk about the speedy justice but no one thinks about the speedy trial, which is one of the obstacles in the way of speedy justice. There is huge pendency of criminal cases in our country. Today a common man prefers to compromise with his justice instead of going in for litigation. NCRV latest report says 79% IPC cases were investigated in the year 2006, 78.4% of them were charge sheeted, 83% of them were trialed and 41.8% resulted in conviction, whereas in UK, USA and France rate of conviction is more then 90%. India is the second largest population in the world and per million, population of judges in India is 12 to 13. Corresponding figure available for USA is 107, UK is 51, for Canada is 75 and for Australia it is 19. Supreme court has given the decision in this issue in “All India Judges Association & others v. Union of India” (2002) 4 SCC 247, directed that the population of judges should be 50 per million in a phased manner within 5 years. Five years has passed and conditions remain unchanged. If this will be the circumstances after the verdict of the...
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