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Topics: Education, Qualitative research, Educational psychology Pages: 36 (10272 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Assessing the Impact of Educational Input Provision for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: The case of Addis Hiwot Integrated Sustainable Development Organization

By: Robel Taye
Enrolment No. 099110965

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Social Work from India Gandhi National Open University, School of Social Work

October, 2012
Addis Ababa


I hereby declare the project work entitled Assessing The Impact Of Educational Input Provision For Orphans And Vulnerable Children In The Case Of Addis Hiwot Integrated Sustainable Development Organization submitted by me for the partial fulfillment of MSW to Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi is my original work and has not been submitted earlier to IGNOU or to any institution for the fulfillment of the requirements of any course of study, I also declare the no chapter of this manuscript in whole or in part is lifted and incorporated in this report form earlier work done by me and others.


Date________________Enrollment No._____________




This is to certify Mr. Roble Taye student of MSW from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi was working under my supervision and guidance for his project work for the course MSWP001. His project work entitled Assessing the Impact of Educational Input Provision for Orphan and Vulnerable Children the case of: Addis Hiwot Integrated Sustainable Development Organization.


Date________________Name ___________________

Address of the supervisor_______________________________


First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the almighty God and His son and our Savior Jesus Christ on whose will and grace I exist and conduct all activities in life. Secondly, I would like to thank my cooperative skill full advisor PhD Candidate Dessalegn Negeri for his constructive criticism that finally leads me to accomplish my tasks.

Then I thank my families from the bottom of my heart for their boundless financial and moral support, without which I cannot succeed my studies. I am so humble and great full to forward my gratitude for everyone who cooperated for the finalization of this paper.

AIDS Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AHISDO Addis Hiwot Integrated Sustainable Development Organization OVC Orphan Vulnerable Children
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CRC Convention on the Rights of Children
HIVHuman Immune Virus
IHAUDPIntegrated Holistic Approach for Urban Development Program

MDGS Millennium Development Goals
MOLSA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UNESCO United Nation Education and Scientific Organization UNHCR United Nation High Commission for refuge
UNICEF United Nations Children's Emergency Fund

Table of Contents
Chapter One3
1.2Background of the Study4
1.3Statement of the problem5
1.4Objectives of the Study6
1.4.1General Objective6
1.4.2Specific Objectives6
1.5Research Questions6
1.6Significance of the Study7
1.7Limitations of the study7
1.8Delimitation of the Study8
Chapter Two9
2Review of Related Literature9
Chapter Three20
3.Research methodology and Design20
3.1Research Design21
3.2Study population21
3.4Tools for data collection22
3.5Data Processing and Analysis23
3.6Ethics in Research24
Chapter Four25
4.1Data Analysis and Interpretation25
4.1.1The provision of basic school supplies25
4.1.2The provision of tutorial Support27
4.1.3Expectations and...
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