Park'N'Shop Swot

Topics: Minimum wage, Bruce Lee, Organic food Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Park’n’Shop is a leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong, their brand promise is “You earn more in Park’n’Shop” as their are confident in offering the best value for money, the widest product choice, freshness and safety, and tailored stores to meet the needs of different customer segments. (ref.1) The social factors that affect a firm involve the beliefs, values, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyle of person in the firm’s external environment, as developed from culture, ecological, demographic, religious, educational and ethic conditioning. Social factor is a force from the remote external environment, the social factors are dynamic, and have constant change result from the efforts of individuals to satisfy their desires and needs by controlling and adapting to environment factors.

Hong Kong is a fast moving city, the lifestyle of Hong Kong people are want to get the latest or the newest product. Therefore, Park’n’Shop has put a lot of effort on it, they provide a range of Asian and Western products sourced around from the world. You can find daily necessities like tissue, tooth plates and shampoo. They also have luxury products such as red wine, fresh seafood and sometimes Japanese A5 Beef. Park’n’Shop also sell organic food, for example, local organic vegetables, USA organic fruit and so on. Besides Park’n’Shop will hold seasonal bazaars, sometimes will hold country food festivals as to provide excitement to the customers. The example of the country food festivals is from 16-3-2012 to 12-4-2012, named ‘Belgian Food Festival “Taste of Belgium” @ Pank’n’Shop’, most of the shops joint this activities, that many customers can enjoy the festival. (ref.2)

In the Hong Kong culture, people like to buy the low price but high quality products. As a result, people do research before their buy things. The customers compare the price, the quality, the package and the refund. As to attract more customers, Park’n’Shop has using different promotion tools, like TV...
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