Parole and Mandatory Release

Topics: Parole, Criminal law, Prison Pages: 4 (600 words) Published: May 10, 2015
Parole and Mandatory Release
Debria Andrews
December 8, 2014
Professor Jason Skeens

Parole and mandatory release are different from each other in some ways. But they are also the same in a way as well. They both are dealing with an inmate being out of prison and almost have the same rules that apply to the both of them when they are out of prison

Parole is a process that allows a prisoner to be released from prison to experience increased freedom, while remaining under limited supervision (Burns, Ronald 1999). Parole differ from mandatory release because parole is when an inmate is released but still have to service the rest of their time just not in prison and for mandatory release the inmate has serviced they sentencing time and is being released. With parole they go in front of a parole board and they are the ones to make the decision on if they are released are not and mandatory release you don’t go in front of a parole board it’s done after during your time.

The current parole and mandatory release policies are that a parolee is to follow all laws and ordinances. Breaking the law could be considered a parole violation and the parolee will face additional charges and be sent back to prison. Parolee are not to associate with others that have been incarcerated, paroled, or released from prison. They to find employment or a vocational training program that will help them find employment and they are to report all of this information to their parole officers. They cannot use, possess, distribute or administer any controlled substances such as illegal drugs. They to stay within the designated jurisdiction, they cannot be in possession of any kind of weapon which is a violation of parole unless the court or parole officer has given permission. Parolee’s driving privileges are under discretion of the court and parole officer.

I think there is a better solution to the current parole process. They should be able do all the...
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