Parole And Truth In Sentencing Paper

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Parole and Truth in Sentencing Paper
Parole is a concept of rehabilitation of the convict into society. It is different from probation because parole is for a convict who has been incarcerated. This concept provides incentive for individuals to learn to behave. There are two major types of parole, discretionary parole and mandatory parole. Discretionary parole is based on sanctions of a parole board, while Mandatory parole reintegrates convicts based on the majority of the sentence served, and deduction taken for good conduct or other considerations. Reintegration takes place in a structural environment where parolees must meet certain conditions, meet with parole officers, and some require drug testing. Typical circumstances that affect parole can include several altered events before and after their release, during re-entry. Disciplinary parole is a condition of good conduct during incarceration. The parolee will then sign a form stating the conditions of his or her parole. These can include finding employment, paying fees, regular contact with parole officers, and not crossing state lines. These circumstances are intended to provide structure to avert the parolee from re-entering into criminal behavior. Goals in truth-in-sentencing laws is an expression that represents a number of improvements and laws which affect the sentencing process. The goal of such reforms was due to a friend that established within the federal model where convicts were serving on average about a third of their sentencing reforms moved to make convicts serve the majority of their sentences. Its name is derived from its mandate. When a judge passes a sentencing, society should be able to assume that the criminal will serve all of his or her time. Before reforms, many victims were irritated over the popular practice of sentence reduction. In examining the constant issues of prison overcrowding, prison population management, and budget concerns, we can appreciate the...
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