Perfect Competition

Topics: Petroleum, Gasoline, Benchmark Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Runninghead: Perfect Competition

Gasoline Market: Price and Quality

Nathalar Washington

Argosy University

October 2, 2011

Paul Tovbin

The choices of gas stations that I have to choose from in my local area are QT, Shell, and Chevron. I personally liked Chevron for the techron that cleans your engine. But my husband started using QT gas when we moved into this neighbor because there are no Chevron’s close around. This QT is right down the street from my house and because we have to pass it to go to work, it is a good location for us. This gas station is a very busy place from Monday thru Sunday. Sometimes it’s so busy they run out of gas before the next scheduled visit. And sometimes it’s hard to get a pump.

The price differences between them are not much-QuikTrip right now is running about $3.18 a gallon (for the regular), Shell is running about $3.26, and Chevron $3.24. But we like using the same one over and over and not switching (because of price changes) from one to the other. If you are going to pay for a better quality of product, then you will be paying more for it. Chevron and Shell are just two of the top names in the gasoline industry and they are more expensive than QuikTrip. The factors the account for differences is again price but also quality. Right now people are going where they can get more for their money, but some are staying with what they think is a better quality and they don’t mind paying for it.

The type of market structure that I think applies to the local gasoline market (QuikTrip) near my house is an Oligopoly: (This word came from the Greek and it means-few sellers) Which involves only a few sellers of a standardized or differentiated product, so each firm is affected by the decisions of its rivals and must take those decisions into account in determining its own price and output (McConnell, 2010). Because the decision of each seller...
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