Plate Tectonics Press Release

Topics: Earthquake, Earth, Plate tectonics Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Plate Tectonics Press Release
August 16, 2013

Plate Tectonics Press Release

Natural destroys are a part of the nature of the world. There are many different kinds of natural destroys hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, and earthquakes. The great state of California is no stranger to its part of natural destroyers. Many cities in the state have had its share having earthquakes. Earthquakes are produced by abrupt motion along a fault when friction that resists such motion is overcome by stress. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have been known to have earthquake as well.

California sits along the San Andreas Fault and there is more than just this one that has been named. Many earthquakes are produced by motions along the fault, but the movement isn't the only reason for an earthquake. There has to be appoint of focus this is the place where the movement starts first and above this point is the epicenter. The epicenter is the point where the most ground motion and damage will occur.

There have been many associated hazard with earthquakes. Even with the city of Los Angeles have strong structured building to deal with the harms and hazards that come with having earthquakes. Many would call these structures earthquake resistant. According to building codes, earthquake-resistant structures are projected to endure the largest earthquake of a certain chance that is likely to occur at their location. This means the loss of life should be decrease by averting collapse of the buildings for rare earthquakes while the loss of functionality should be limited for more frequent ones.

There are many horrible things that come with have to take care of the after math of earthquakes. Even through earthquakes usually are not the direct causes of death and injure people they do cause buildings to fall and falling building and pieces of buildings hurt and kill people. Many people have been killed and injured by buildings due earthquakes and the...

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