Pnp Criminal Records

Topics: Police, Criminal record, Access control Pages: 5 (1434 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background
We all know that it is time consuming doing things manually specially on record keeping on a certain establishment. The PNP (Philippine National Police) Valenzuela has been handling crime related issues for Valenzuela. The PNP Valenzuela, as a consequence, maintains a large volume of information. To be able to manage their information requirements, PNP Valenzuela is currently using an information system. This system is manual and paper-based where information is passed on hand-to-hand and information is kept in hard-copy paper files stored ordinarily in filing cabinets. Despite the relevance of their information system, it poses several challenges in the management of information that include an ever increasing paper-load, difficulty in enforcing file access controls as well as cases of missing files and information. Each precinct in the Valenzuela should submit their blotter or crime report to the main branch of PNP here in Valenzuela which is located at Malinta, Valenzuela. Then an encoder on the PNP Valenzuela will check it and encode it on Ms Excel and on their system and they will email it on Camp Crame. The whole process consumes a lot of time, money and effort. To tackle the problems caused by the situation, the development of a web-based system was proposed. The PNP Valenzuela Criminal Records and Permit Management System would manage the criminal records of the PNP Valenzuela with greater ease and flexibility. The designed system would then be accessed by login via an internet browser. Authorized users would have varying privileges and the administrator would be responsible for managing the entire system. The resultant system was able to handle the criminal records that police uses in their operations. Most functionalities of the ordinary police system were implemented especially the management of criminal records, access control, report generation and case assignment. The adoption of this system would be very valuable to the police. Such a system can help them handle their ever-increasing criminal record information. There could be more functionality added to the system like staff management modules, wider information sharing networking as well as greater security controls for the system.

Background of the Study:
Massive data are transmitted from one place to another through the use of the internet in just a second. In fact, in optical communications, 26 trillion bits of data per second are recorded as the fastest single laser transmission according to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE, 2011). This is converted as 26 terabits per second of data transmission. Imagine that people may now download tons of data like hundreds of DVD image files, or even thousands of software in just a second.

Technology advances continuously with the use of digital communication. Peopleware experiences faster response from the internet. Most business firms grab the capability of the internet especially the use of website in communications, promotions, advertisements and even web-based applications. Public and private institutions are taking advantage of this technology. More institutions are engaged in developing websites namely business page in social networking sites, electronic mails, and institutional websites.

Web-based application is computer software that primarily uses the digital communication such as the internet and intranet to access and generate useful tools for a certain purpose. This research study is focused on creation of web-based application software for the Philippine National Police Valenzuela. PNP Valenzuela website contains a webpage for public viewing and a webpage for application software. Public webpage is open for everybody who wants to know different information about this agency. Everyone is allowed to view information within the limited control of the website for public viewing purposes. The application software...
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