Politicians, Police and Criminal Nexus

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal law Pages: 9 (3128 words) Published: March 2, 2013

Growth of criminal gangs, drug peddlers and economic lobbies in the country which have, over the years, maintained extensive contacts with the government functionaries, politicians, media persons and strategically located individuals in the non-State sector have been evident with disturbing regularity throughout the place. The police have confirmed protection to these organised syndicates either under the political pressure of their patrons, or are themselves in collusion with them as discussed in the context of Gulbarg massacre. This piece is an initiative to aware the readers about the nexus, overshadowing the principle of law and corrupting influence on members of the legal-administrative system. Some 17 years ago Vohra Committee submitted its report to curb criminalization of politics but, no actual implementation in this regard has still been made. The parties fielding candidates with a criminal record of moral turpitude and violence as pondered by the NEW report is itself a challenge, and was argued by the National Commission in 2002 to amend the Representation of People’s Act to prevent infiltration of such elements to contest elections. Establishment of an independent committee is essential for transparency in funding and working of political parties. Fast track courts to gear up the criminal justice system and a nodal outfit to liaison the work of the various enforcement agencies must be institutionalized, so that the tainted politicians are made to take a bow from public life. Eventually, it is the enlightened citizens who possess the ultimate power in deciding the fate of this nation.


Law is a system of rules, usually enforced through a set of institutions. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people. In Indian democracy, the central institutions for interpreting and creating law are the three distinct but interrelated branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. To implement the law and provide services to the public, the military, government's bureaucracy and police are vital. But, if these trusted pillars allow themselves to be dominated by lumpen elements that certainly would bounce detrimental to our basic foundations.

"Criminalisation of politics and Politicization of criminals" The activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government is what we call ‘politics’, but the word figuratively, now a days, is perceived as a negative remark. A political-criminal nexus, the concentration and fusion of political and criminal power, is increasingly reaching the highest levels of many nation-states. Organized crime groups develop collaborative relationships with state authorities to gain access to or exploit for their own purposes, the political, economic, and social apparatus. To increase security of their operations, they also try to develop arrangements with local, national and legal authorities. For their part, state authorities seek cooperative relationships with criminal elements for various reasons such as personal benefits, securing votes, money, or to control enemies.[1] Once the politician reaches a particular stature, he/she dictates terms much to the delight of crooks to keep the cops away from their back and heels. Personnel of Police and Bureaucracy also need political backup to have comfortable postings and smooth advancement in career. For instance, when Gulbarg Society was set on fire and the fanatic group raped and killed the resident of that place, local police men were instructed from the higher officials to ignore the spots. They carefully visited some other place and after this vandalism, when the hooligans took their way to Naroda Patia the police then went to Gulbarg. The cycle went on. Wherever there was a fanaticism, police was a silent observer. Criminals...
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