Portrait of ‘The Half castes’ In Marlene Short Story

Topics: Black people, White people, South Africa Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: January 2, 2014
Portrait of ‘The Half castes’
In Marlene Short Story
In the Marlene short story there is one point that catches my mind, it’s about ‘the half castes’ of Aboriginees. The portrait of half castes who are underestimated by the other. The half castes are nor the black or the white, they are nor the Aboriginees or the white people. They are like ‘grey side’ between the black and the white. The half castes have certain characteristic that differ them with the original Aboriginees. The common appearence of half castes are brown-eyed, black haired, but their skin varied from sickly yellow to weathered bronze. The women are sallow and tawny. The men are darker. On most of the faces, thick noses and full lips denoted the aboriginal strain; a few others had sharp, neat features, showing no trace of aboriginal origin except their eyes. All dressed in faded dungarees and khaki trousers, shirt and skirts grey with grime and grease, threadbare woollen jackets and coast. They are different, that’s why they are being underestimated. They are not belong to black (Aboriginees) nor the white people. The half castes not feel unite with the Aboriginees, the reason is they think and live differently. The black people doesn’t treat them like vermin and the white people are seeing the half castes same as when they are seeing another coloured people. The halfcastes are minority in Australian, they often get the bad treatment from the blacks and whites people in the district. They are like being isolated from the district, they are not allowed to live in the white people or black people area. The half castes build their wurlies in the camp area on the hillside. The unfair thing is not only how the majority make a distance with the half castes but also how the majority make rules which are so unfair for the half castes. The half castes are not able to get a job although they are clever, can read and write as good as the white man. It is very difficult to find jobs, that the whites own...
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