Pride: Reflecting on the Movie

Topics: Black people, African American Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: October 1, 2015
Andrew Schelb

Pride Reflection

In the movie pride, the unlikely swim team from the Marc Foster Recreation center in Philadelphia faces many challenges but I found it very foreshadowing how the movie opened up with all three examples in a 10 minute span. The Prejudice of them refusing to swim with him as though he was undeserving of their time, the Diversity of being literally the only African American in the entire area, and the Discrimination from the officers who threatened him. His reaction although not acceptable or condonable, was easily understood, for me at least. In this situation he was doing nothing wrong but trying to compete and they were egging him on, pushing buttons that no man can stand being pushed for long, in order to get their desired reaction. However, as time passed the challenges grew worse for the team. I found it very intriguing how the team that would end up with the ultimate test started out in the streets of the recreation center playing basketball. I wasn’t very surprised by the discrimination of the all white mainline school rejecting to give the coach a job when he clearly was qualified, however that was a sign of the times and an ultimate plot point in the movie that they followed for the rest of the film. Not only did the PDR swim team face challenges in all three main points of Discrimination, Prejudice, and Diversity; but they were also made at odds by the Recreation Centers seemingly limited life, as the city was planning to close it. Overall the team mainly faced Discrimination, and Prejudice, but mostly Prejudice. When they first started out no one believed in them, even the families would say it’s a waste of time that blacks couldn’t compete. They said they should stay focused on a good education and paving a bright future. Even after they made it as a team and came together for a meet they were still viewed as unworthy or disrespectful, granted they did give a lack of respect at first. However they strived to...
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