Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan
In the 21st century, there is a strong need for managers to understand the personality types and behavioral styles of employees. Managers should be competitive to integrate strong leadership that stimulates high performance and productivity. The professional development plan is crucial in that it helps the management team to facilitate a strong teamwork and reduce team conflicts. After completing the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, this paper evaluated a number of skills, strengths, areas that need improvements and resources required to reach the set goals and objectives. There was a strong need to build a productive team that would improve work performance. Improving customer service would also assists in increasing sales and revenues in the company. The assessment helped me to understand the need to improve personal diversity recognition and awareness. A business that flourishes well is one that handles conflicts effectively.

Personal Assessment
Based on the assessment, my primary goal is influencing people. I am motivated and content when influencing people to perform the right tasks at the right time. My high level of confidence enables me to withstand criticism and any obstacle that may emerge in the workplace. With this, life seems enjoyable and continually fresh. I am comfortable delegating duties as well as taking charge of the team. I value teamwork because it facilitates growth in the organization. With...
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