proposition 47

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Felony Pages: 3 (395 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Wendy Perez 1 November 6, 2014
Proposition 47

Proposition 47 claims it will improve public safety, when in reality it will not. Californian voters should not allow Proposition 47 to pass because it poses a threat to public safety. Among the many reasons why the proposition should not pass are, early release of dangerous felons, the lowering of felony charges to misdemeanor charges, and over-crowded jails and courtrooms. We would not want dangerous felons terrorizing our neighborhoods. As the saying goes, ‘‘if you do the crime, you do the time.’’ Under Proposition 47, thousands of dangerous felons are eligible for early release from state prison. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper’s website, an independent analyst said that many of the felons have violent criminal histories. This concept would pose a threat to our neighborhoods. Releasing these felons out into society is a mistake. Proposition 47 states it will reduce some charges, which is like giving these felons a slap on the hand. Any offender with a non-violent history will be able to have their convictions reduced. Proposition 47 will reduce certain crimes from felony charges to misdemeanor charges. Proposition 47 will eliminate automatic felony prosecution for a criminal who steals a gun. For example, under current law, stealing a gun is a felony charge; Proposition 47 would redefine the theft of a firearm to misdemeanor charge. This will be considered a felony if the value of the gun is greater than $950. 2

Criminals do not steal guns just to steal; they steal guns to hurt people or commit crimes, this will put an excessive load...
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