Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research

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Pros of stem cells
1. Banning stem cell research violates human rights
Because the purpose of rights is to ensure an individual’s wellbeing, depriving scientists from the research and usage of stem cells not only violates their rights, but also the rights of those who could contribute to, invest in, or benefit from stem cell treatments. (1) Rights protect human life, not the life of an embryo that some religious people consider to be morally human. Rights protect individuals that can think, act, hear, etc.; Embryos are inapplicable potential human beings that are made up of a cluster of cells that are incapable of these things. (2)

2. Stem cells can help and treat in ways diseases have never been treated In 1999, a doctor in LA treated Parkinson’s diseases from using adult stem cells that were grown in a lab (5) Embryo stem cells could treat vision loss (6)

3. Stem cells can make up or regenerate organs other body parts and organs In China, scientists created rudimentary teeth by using stem cells from human urine (3) U.S. Scientists believe they’ve made functional intestinal tissue out of stem cells. (4)

4. Stem Cell research is constantly improving
There has been tremendous improvement in the usage of stem cells throughout the years (8) Scientists all over the world are researching everyday with surprising results (8)

5. Stem cell research gives scientists ideas for potential cures and discoveries Results from research gives scientists a basis to possibly create new cures (5) Sometimes stem cell transplants are used to increase the chance of another cure or treatment to work properly (9)

Cons of stem cells
1. Brings up controversial arguments
Many believe that the harvesting of an embryo is morally wrong and unethical (2) Some people consider “killing” an embryo is equivalent to killing a human being (1)

2. Risks to female donors
The extraction of the eggs (embryo cells) can be very time consuming and painful (7) Can cause...
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