Pursuing Criminal Justice Paper

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Pursuing Criminal Justice Paper
Maria Torres
July 28, 2011
Sean Adams
Pursuing Criminal Justice Paper
Justice to me is that each person is treated fairly no matter the age, gender, and race. No person is above the law who ever commits a crime should be pay the consequences for his or her action. Punishment should be fair and sentencing should depend on the criminal conduct as judged by the law. Justice in law enforcement officers during and off hour should treat individual and offenders with high quality of fairness. Law enforcement officials most enforce a moral ability of high standard, honor, follow guidelines, policy, and mission of the department with the rules of the law. Law enforcement creates various way of administration within the field. Law enforcement officers handle different situation on a daily basis. It is up to the officers to be professional at all times without any personal judgment, biased, and conduct. While in the street officers should be able to control and exercise his or her ability to determine how justice is administered. The way I will promote my definition of justice in my career is by obeying the law, rules, policy, and guidance of the department. I will not over use my power and I will treat every individual equally according by the law. My goal is to become a crime scene investigator as an investigator I have to be professional at all time. I most learn all level of investigation process. I have to be very caution on my personal judgments, moral and opinion. I will keep in mind that I cannot use a personal judgment or biased in my decision process on investigating offenders or witnesses. I will base my investigation on the investigation process on evidence, victim, and witness. Three current practices of the component that demonstrate the successful achievement of my definition of justice is due process, individual rights, and the Patriot Act. Due process requires that all accusers be treated fairly and...

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