Pygmailion and Fat Black Woman

Topics: Woman, Feminism, Sociology Pages: 4 (1140 words) Published: May 14, 2012
70 years apart, which of the writers do you find to be more optimistic about the ability of women to stand up to men and the associated pressures of a patriarchal society.

Bernard Shaw Pygmalion was written in 1914 a time which was very patriarchal the women's rights had not been passed whereas grace Nichol’s fat black women poem had been written after the women’s rights movements, grace Nichol’s was living in London where we had a woman prime minister and the independence of woman was very much different from the 1914. In the 1980’s was when the third wave of feminism, women now had rights however there was still a patriarchal attitude running through the veins of society. Grace Nichols being black and a women meant that she would of been fighting for more than just equality between men and women but also the equality with diverse cultures and societal beliefs, Grace looked at these issues throughout her poems in the ‘ Fat black women ‘ .Pygmalion However was written before the feminist movement and the right to vote was given, The main character Eliza was very much living in a Men driven world and the way you spoke decided you social class. The women reading this book at the time would have had an enlightenment, Eliza had changed and was now sort of an equal with Mr Higgins as this wasn't the norm in this time, the book would of made an impact on the view of the women in the audience the men however may have been threatened this could of caused a sense of ------- may not of particularly liked the ending in those times. Today things have progressed and the issues that they had faced within them times are not alien but are not as common.

The Grace Nichols and Pygmalion books give an insight into the different ways a woman can be suppressed by patriarchy and the different ways it can be reacted to. Grace Nichols fat black woman battles with the issues of social acceptance, cultures, and patriarchy in addition Pygmalion deals with social acceptance,’ beauty...
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