Quiz: Communication Processes and Models

Topics: Communication, Message, Psychology Pages: 3 (363 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Practice Quiz

According to the linear model of communication, at any given point in time a person is sending a message and receiving a message. a. True
b. False

Cognitive complexity increases a person’s communication competence. a. True
b. False

We receive and respond to messages from another person at the same time that she or he is receiving and responding to us is an example of the _____________ model. a. Transactional
b. interactive
c. linear
d. cognitive
e. none of the above

If you and your friend need to negotiate what “frequently” means when it comes to how often you clean your apartment, this represents that: a. Sending and receiving are usually simultaneous.
b. Meanings exist in and among people.
c. Environment and noise affect communication.
d. Channels make a difference.
e. none of the above

Being unable to concentrate on what your mother is saying because you are upset about something that happened with a friend is an example of: a. external noise
b. psychological noise
c. physiological noise
d. static
e. none of the above

The dynamic process that involves participants decoding and encoding messages is called: a. environment
b. noise
c. transactional
d. context
e. none of the above

Interpersonal communication can be distinguished from impersonal communication based on qualities of: a. uniqueness
b. interdependence
c. personality
d. all of the above
e. a and b only

An example of physiological noise is:
a. anger
b. poor sound
c. insecurity
d. headache
e. none of the above

You answer your first question at a job interview and the interviewer frowns. Which characteristic of communication best describes the situation? a. Communication is dyadic.
b. Feedback can be verbal or nonverbal
c. Feedback is situational.
d. Communication is dependent on personalized rules.
e. None of the above describes it.

The idea that we...
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