Redox Reaction

Topics: Titration, Redox, Potassium permanganate Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Cholesterol in pork, sugar in a soda, carbohydrates in a cup of rice and alcohol in liquor. People always want to know the exact amount of things. Which is why weighing balances are devised, mathematical formulas and different techniques are created. In chemical analysis, the amount of an object is determined using a process called titration.

According to Petrucci et al., titration is a reaction carried out by the carefully controlled addition of one solution to another. It has several types like acid-base titrations and redox titrations. This experiment focuses on the latter type, the redox titration.

A redox titration is based on an oxidation-reduction reaction between analyte and titrant (Harris,2009). It involves the transfer of electrons between the two solutions. This experiment aims to determine the amount of iron or iron content of a razor blade by redox titration using potassium permanganate as a titrant and a self-indicating agent. Blank titration is used to estimate the titration error. Proper techniques and calculation regarding blank titration is also shown.

This experiment will help the students to learn the proper conduction of redox titration and how to apply it in the determination of Iron content of different materials such as a razor blade. They can use the techniques that they will get from this experiment in solving similar problems. Result:

N of KMnO4-
N KMnO4 = trial 1:
M KMnO4= ((0.2492g N2C2O4 x 1000)/ (134g N2C2O4/mol))/ 36.6 ml = 0.051 M
N KMnO4= b . M
2eq/mol x 0.051M
= 0.1 N KMnO4
Trial 2
M KMnO4= ((0.2389g N2C2O4 x 1000)/ (134g N2C2O4/mol))/35.7 ml = 0.05 M
N KMnO4= 2 eq/mol x 0.052M
=0.1 N KMnO4
Trial 3
M KMnO4= ((0.2125g N2C2O4 x 1000)/ (134g N2C2O4/mol))/ 32.8ml = 0.048M
N KMnO4= 2eq/mol x 0.048M
=0.097 N
% Fe in razor blade

Post lab # 3:
3.) Other oxidizing agents are also employed for the determination of iron in an unknown sample. What is one obvious advantage of KMnO4 over...
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