Reentry Drug Treatment Programs in the Criminal Justice System

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Reentry Drug Treatment Programs in the Criminal Justice System

Melinda Duplichan
CJA 595 Program Development and Evaluation
Professor: Myers

Reentry Drug Treatment Programs in the Criminal Justice System

There are many programs in the criminal justice system that is geared to helping the prisoners while they do their time. One of them is the drug treatment program, this program according to the Federal Bureau of Prison is suppose to provide inmates with drug treatment prior to reentry into society(Peters, R. 1993 ). As drugs are linked to crime most criminals are being incarceration. There are only about half of state correctional facilities that provide substance abuse treatment to its inmates (Peters, R. 1993). Drug treatment in or out of prison was designed to improve behavior, decrease criminal recidivism, improve employment, improve social relationships, and decrease relapse time between treatment (Peters, R. 1993). With many programs there has to be a major need for the program. As more and more criminals were going to prison for drug crimes. Criminals who were already incarcerated were testing positive for one or more drugs. Since there’s variety of impact points that treatment can occur in the criminal justice system. This paper will look at the post treatment drug rehabilitation program, which is a part of the reentry treatment program for offenders (Vigdal G., 1995). Reentry uses programs to target the effective reintegration of offenders back into communities upon release from prison (Harrison L., 2000). Many reentry programs can vary in the type of services provided and the type of offenders targeted. However the main goal when starting this program was to make sure offenders once released from prison adjust to life and help reduce recidivism. Drug Rehabilitation in the reentry programs were designed for offenders returning to the community from being incarceration for crimes committed....
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