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Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: July 10, 2013
In the article “Keeping Sex in Bounds” written by Abby L. Ferber mentioned that the construction and deconstruction of race and gender produce inequality within race, social class and gender, is the inequality produces difference.

The understanding of gender identities produces from the regulation of compulsory heterosexuality. Those who are not heterosexual are considered as not properly gendered. Ferber pointed out that a lot of the white supremacist categorizes the people who are not heterosexual as the “the third sex”, such as the gays and lesbians, because they are excluded from the categories of male and female. In consequent these people are always being excluded, attacked and denied rights, increased the seriousness of inequality.

In the seventeenth century there were punishments instituted when race-mixing between whites and blacks in the United States became widespread. These punishments were intended to ban the white women to look for black men because during that time white women are part of the properties of their husbands, the white men try their best to protect their wives to stay pure, and isolated them from the black men. To be considered as “real men” are the ones willing to show their masculinity by protecting their women. The white men are blamed for letting their women fall into the arms of the black men. Therefore the interracial sexuality is not only insulting the white men, but also seen as threatening the existence of a “pure” white race, the stable racial boundaries, and the white manhood as well.

However the inequality within the gender and race is clearly revealed from the regulation of the laws, the laws only put restrictions on the white women but did not prohibit white men from looking for black women. The laws define the mulattoes born to be slaves, which in another way is encouraging interracial relationships between the white male and their black female slaves. Therefore if there is equality between men and...
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