Roman Influence

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: January 18, 2014
D4.1 Roman Influence
After reading chapter three and doing some research, I will describe how in my opinion the Legislative Building (built in1928 on Olympia, WA) design was influenced by Roman architecture. Just like most of the buildings around us, over 90% of the main component in the foundation of this building is concrete. The Legislative Building also counts with an internal water system which is the modern version of the Roman aqueducts. The outside infrastructure of this building contains Corinthian order columns that even though were not a Roman invention; it was incorporated in to most of the ancient Roman architecture. We can also observe the use of the Roman arch in both the outside as well as in the inside of the building. Engaged columns can be observed towards the main entrance which leads you to the atrium. In the interior lower level of the building, the wide cella seems to be supported by arcades that appear to measure at least 12-15 feet on height. By far the most impressive Roman design feature that I could appreciate from this building was the dome. It looks impressive from the outside view, but once I was standing underneath it, the appearance of it was of double the size from the outside view. In my opinion along side with the invention of cement, roads are one of the greatest inventions from the Romans. Ancient Roman roads where built by the military legions. Originally the main function of these roads was for military exploitation. Using these roads the Roman generals could move their legions faster from point A to point B, which gave an advantage over their adversaries. It is estimated that over 50,000 miles of roads spanned across the Roman Republic and eventually Roman Empire. The old saying “all roads lead to Rome” originated from the fact that with the use of these roads, Rome became the center for commerce, trade, and politics. Commerce and trade specially flourished with the use of roads since for the first time Rome was...
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