Scenario of a Probation Officer

Topics: Criminal law, What Would You Do?, Interview Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Scenario of a Probation Officer, Interviewing and Interrogation Alana Johnson
June 29, 2013
Criminal Justice Communications 2358-12
Everest University

You are a probation officer who was conducting a home visit for probationer Bobby Jean. You walk up to the door, she answers, and you notice a bag of marijuana sitting on the kitchen table. She promises that it is not hers. You provide her with a urine screen and it is clean. Based on the above scenario, please respond to the following questions: * What would you do? Find out who the marijuana belongs to and ask if they are on probation or parole, do they live there. If they knowingly violated their probation by living together on probation or parole then they both violated their probation and that would be in the report for proper authorities to decide. * Would this scenario lead you into an interrogation or an interview? I want to know whose bag of weed was left on the table and how she was involved; an interrogation would be fitting. I would ask all the appropriate questions so my supervisor can call the shots with any further investigations or demands. Why? She already knows the rules. I am trying to help her do the right things now, for a fresh start and proper foundation for her brighter future. If the bag of weed was her boyfriends and he was living with her and on probation or parole, I would tell her he must move out immediately and she should not have contact with him or I will revoke her probation and she will go to prison. I would find out all the needed information and write it all in my report. What are the seven essential interview skills that a criminal justice professional must possess? 1. Preparation- the professional arranges an interview somewhere private, where you both are seated at eye level with no barriers between you. Open with a casual conversation to ease any tension; avoid subjects of politics, religion or social problems. After rapport is...
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