Topics: Management, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 36 (6522 words) Published: June 28, 2010
|Human Resource Management – BUS 310009016 | |Student Course Guide | |Prerequisite: BUS 100 |

|Quarter |Summer 2010 | |Meeting Days/Time |Asynchronous | |Instructor |Dr. LaRoyce Morgan | |Instructor Phone |770.612.2187 | |Instructor E-mail | | |Instructor Office Hours/Location |Online | |Academic Office Phone Number | |

|INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL - Required | |Dessler, G. (2011). Human resource management: 2010 custom edition (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall-Pearson. | | | |INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL - Supporting | |The following resources provide additional background and supporting information for this course. There is no need to purchase these items | |for the course. | | | |Boxall, P., & Gilbert, J. (2007). The management of managers: A review and conceptual framework. International Journal of Management | |Reviews, 9(2), 95-115. | | | |Smith, D. (2008). The missing piece to building great teams. Reflections, 9(1) 13-23. | | | |Truss, C. (2008). Continuity and change: The role of the HR function in the modern public sector. Public Administration, 86(4), 1071-1088. |

|I. COURSE DESCRIPTION | |Analyzes the major human resource management functions in organizations. Presents the various components of the human resource management | |process (planning, recruitment, selection, training/development, compensation, performance appraisal, labor relations, employee relations), | |and the associated activities to perform these functions. Highlights the human resource management responsibilities of all managers. | |Emphasizes job analysis considerations, the supporting role of human resource management to strategic planning, and the...
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