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Topics: Teacher, Developmental psychology, Developmentally Appropriate Practice Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Sheleilee Marie Sullivan

What is a profession? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary Online a profession is defined as a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.
In the United States today an early education teacher is not considered a professional teacher. A teacher who is not teaching kindergarten through twelfth grade, or a college course, is not viewed as a professional teacher. The reason for this is simple; until recently, there has been very little call to recognize the education and skills required to teach young children. In recent years, however, through education, and development standards, and requirements have been set; that all early education teachers must meet in order to teach in a licensed school or center.

Although educators in the early education community are not considered professional teachers, there is currently a major movement in that direction due largely to a mandate requiring all early education teachers to obtain a B.A. if they wish to continue teaching children. This mandate requires the further education and growth of teachers, thus strengthening early education, as a whole. When this mandate comes into effect in 2014 any teacher who has not obtained their B.A. by then will no longer be able to work with children until they have obtained it. It is my belief that in 2014 we will become known as a profession having met the academic and knowledge requirements necessary.

Professional early education teachers should have a strong understanding of the core knowledge and core competencies that are required in order to effectively teach early childhood education. The core competencies and core knowledge that is required are as follows; Child Development, Health Safety and Nutrition, Family and Community Collaboration, Program Management, Teaching and Learning, Observation Documentation and Assessment, Interaction and...
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