Sentencing Paper

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Sentencing Paper
Amanda Robertson CJS/200 8/19/2013 Mr Winkler

The four philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals are rehabilitation, incapacitation, deterance, and retribution. Rehabilitation is when a criminal is thought to be better off by being placed in a residential, or group home facility. Many times these crimes are drug releated and the courts feel that the criminal will be better off rehabilitating in a 12-step AA or NA drug program rather than being incarcerated for their crime. In any case that their case was not fueled by intenet rather than a need to feed a habit etc. Incapacitation is when the court feels that a criminal will be better off incarcerated and kept away from society. Many times these crimes are violent and incarceration is the best option to protevt the criminal and society. Deterance many times has to do with incarceration. For the criminal may feel incarceration has deterred them from recommitting the same act in fear that they may be incarcerated again and even face far more time. Also many times society watches as people are punshied for certain crimes and the judge may be making a example out of that certain case, in showing society that if you commit this crime than this is what can happen. Retribution can and often goes along with incarceration, though can be sentenced alone. Retribution is usually sentenced as a repayment for lost or damaged goods, or some type of community service time like 20 hours ordered to complete at an elderly housing home without pay. Basically either giving back to the victim, their family, or society, in an effort to pay back for their crime, and or repay the victim for pain and suffering.

Six forms of punishment are death penalty, incarceration,...
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