Sex Education

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COMM 1323-03, Rhetoric and Public Speaking

Sex Education in the Public School System
“How do you teach sex education in order to make the best impact?” (Ewart) I believe that most middle-school and high-school aged children know what sex is. The question I have is, do those same teenagers know about the risk and consequences of having sex and how to prevent those risks? “Unfortunately, the debate regarding sex education does not end at whether or not it is necessary, it continues into the question of how to best teach it, and what is the best method of teaching it.” (Ewart) Some people believe in the abstinence only method, while others believe in teaching safe sex. I personally believe that schools should teach abstinence first as the most important method and safe sex for those who will be sexually active now or even later in the future. With the rates of teen pregnancies, STD’s, HIV/AIDS, and the lack of communication between parent and child, sex education is something that schools have to incorporate.

Teenage pregnancy is definitely an issue that is on the rise. Of the approximately 750,000 teen pregnancies that occur each year, 82% are unintended. Fifty-nine percent end in birth and more than one-quarter end in abortion. (Guttmacher Institute) The 82 % of unintended pregnancies could be lowered by teaching teenagers abstinence (staying away from sexual activity all together) and also by teaching them proper methods of contraception. Among teens aged 18-19, 41% report that they know little or nothing about condoms and 75% say they know nothing or little about the contraceptive pill. (Guttmacher Institute) In addition to abstinence and safe sex methods, I believe sex education programs should teach the hardships and consequences of having a baby during their teenage years. If teenagers could experience taking care of an infant for a few days on their own, I believe they would either not have sex to avoid becoming pregnant or use contraception to...

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