Sex Education Class

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Human sexual behavior Pages: 7 (2300 words) Published: February 22, 2014

A Sex Education Course
For Early Adolescence: Ages 13 – 16
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A Sex Education Course for Early Adolescence: Ages 13 - 16
1. Draft
2. Abstract. The Main Idea of Sex Education Program.
3. Introduction. Factors, that can influence a teens desire to start practicing sexual relations. 4. The Body of the Paper.
a. Data of sexual activity of youth, rates of sexually transmitted diseases and Adolescence pregnancies. b. Advises on how to control wishes and desires.
c. Discussion on contraception.
d. Discussion on prevention of unintended pregnancy.
e. Life examples and technological support of the course.
f. Work with nurses, philologists, doctors, parents.
5. Conclusion.
2. Abstract 
Our sexual educational program is written for early adolescence between thirteen and sixteen years and is based on youth’s basic human rights to know all aspects of sexual relations. It is not used as a gear of any sexual activity prevention for all unmarried people. It specifies exclusive purpose and not just promoting the risks of sex relations outside of marriage or discussing contraception. Furthermore, this is fulfilled in a form of an accurate and correct narration that leaves the choice for a teen. The methods that can convince a person to be provident and reasonable since sexual relations can be different. Moreover, funding is spent on the special edification of teachers who conduct the health courses at schools and other educational establishments. Another part of funding is spent on a development of an effective core curriculum that also has technological, media and literary support. It is well known that forbidden fruit is sweeter, that suits the discussed case. Therefore, in order to maintain a productive sexual educational plan in high schools, a versatile program is written. It is worked out with the help of scientific researches in teen’s physiology, different medicine works and social studies. The data concerning the most frequent factors that influence the teen’s decision to start adult life with sexual relations is gathered and analyzed. Life examples are also included in the lessons. The course is structured as recommendations and not as the order not to have sexual relations. On the contrary, some specific value is given to such relations and it is explained according to the moral and law 3. Introduction 

Early Adolescence between thirteen and twenty-one years is considered to be the hardest time for teens, because very often a teenager struggles with typical adolescent trials trying to establish his/her identity, and also dealing with various needs, some of them cannot be totally satisfied. Here we mean a number of physiological, anatomical and physiological changes which young people must adapt within cultural background and social conditions in which they live. One of the main contradictions of modern civilization is a tendency to the spreading and fast acceleration in physical development of an individual on the one hand, and, clearly pronounced slowdown of spiritual and intellectual growth of a teenager on the other hand. Very often teenagers do not understand that to start practice sexual relations it is necessary to bring up an individual who is enough prepared for the harsh realities of life, ready not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually and material and keep a normal family. The problem now is that physiological maturation of adolescents, significantly outstrips the psychological and social maturation that leads to the accumulation of sexual needs. Information from the TV screens, magazines and some books, where sex relations are popularized and there is no place for other vital aspects of human individuality, pushes teenagers with unsettled psyche to perverted expression of their selves. Other factors, that can influence a teens desire to start practicing sexual relations is the contradictions in the views of the older...
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