Social Indifferences

Topics: Black people, Fiction, South Africa Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: January 5, 2006
Social Indifferences Society has always created stereotype towards people who are different either mentally or physically. Most people with physical and mental disabilities are mo different then the norm. The short story " Arrangement In Black and White", by Dorothy Parker, can be compared and contrasted to the novel Flowers For Algernon, by Daniel Keyes. Both the novel and the short story can be compared in terms of characterization. Walter Williams, the main character of the short story, and Charlie Gordon, the main character of the novel can be compared to each other because they share similar roles in the society, and are mistreated due to their differences. The themes of these written works can also be compared. The themes in each of these writings share a similar which is how today's society creates stereotypes. The novel and short story can be contrasted in terms of conflict. In the novel, the conflict is person versus self. Charlie has to face his past when he has flashbacks of himself as a young boy. However in the short story the conflict is person versus person. Although " Arrangement in Black and White" and Flowers For Algernon are similar in characterization and theme, they are different in terms of conflict.

Both works of literature can be compared in terms of characterization. Walter Williams, the main character in " Arrangement In Black and White", is compared to

Charlie Gordon the main character of the novel. They are both treated as unfairly in their societies. In the short story, a dinner party is held for Walter so he can be introduced to his white fans. The white society does not treat him with the proper respect because he is black and not equal to their standards. Therefore, they held a party for him so he would feel accepted. " ‘Well I think your simply marvellous, giving this perfectly marvellous party for him, and having him met...
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