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Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: May 20, 2013
SS 105
November 2012
Essay: Civil-Rights Movement
The time period in which many African Americans endured crucial discipline and segregation was known as the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement took place during the 1950s and 1960s. African Americans were brave during this time period; they decided that enough was enough and that change needed to be implemented. The Civil Rights Movement challenged aspects of the tri-partite system of dominations in many ways. One example was when African Americans were not allowed to register to vote in Mississippi. In the film, Freedom On My Mind, blacks were denied the right to register because they could not answer a particular question. It appeared to be that the question asked was a rather hard one, making it impossible to answer. Furthermore, white folks weren’t asked to answer this question. They were simply asked to give their name and age and that would be it. This crossed the line of equal rights to all and made white people look superior to blacks. Another example was when Emmett Till was murdered. This story is described in the film, Eyes on the Prize. Emmett was a 14 years old African American who was killed by two white men in Mississippi. He was murdered because he had talked to a white woman at a liquor store, saying “bye baby”. Emmett was from Chicago, a northern state, and didn’t understand the harsh ways of the south. It wasn’t too long after that Emmett was murdered. This case was amplified and the two men where taken into court for a trial. After five long days of the trial, the jury ruled the verdict as not guilty. They simply said that there was not enough evidence, although there was one person, an African American man, who witnessed the men taking Emmett away. It seemed to be that this man’s voice didn’t matter. This clearly shows that white people in the south were dominating black people and crossing the line of equal rights to all. Lastly another example was when...
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