substance abuse

Topics: Black people, Sociology, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: December 18, 2013
My Service Learning in BIS 201 took place at Sojourner Recovery Services. Sojourner Recovery Services is a drug recovery facility for drug dependents men, women and adolescents. Sojourner Recovery Services assisted me with choosing a specific location and demographic to complete my Service Learning. I decided to choose to work with the adolescent. The adolescent population at Sojourner Recovery Service for drug dependent teens and preteens has different sites depending on the issue. Sojourner Recovery Services has an Inpatient facility as well as Outpatient. The honor was all mines to complete service at the Outpatient facility known as IOP. IOP is an abbreviation for Individualized Outpatient Treatment. The Outpatient treatment center consisted of the Clinical Therapist, facilitators, and at time courts and judges. These people come together to create an individualized treatment plan for each adolescent in the program, Sojourner Recovery Services IOP program offers a treatment plan that meets each persons specific needs. The majority of my Service Learning hours were spent directly under the Clinical Therapist. The role of the Clinical Therapist is to make the individualized plan with the adolescent and their family and ensure the youth follows the projected plan. With any form of therapy, family members are essential to the sobriety of the youth. Family sessions were scheduled accordingly and listed on the treatment plan. I met families and youth at Sojourner Recovery Service and attempted to learn them as people, this made my experience “real”. While at Sojourner Recovery Services the Clinical Therapist taught me how to effectively facilitate with youth and families. I facilitated drug meetings and assisted the youth in pointing out triggers and alternative methods of coping with life and set backs. The youth were eager to talk to me and open up about their issues of drug usage, family, school and home life. I chose to complete my Service Learning hours at...
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