Synthetic Cannabis

Topics: Controlled Substances Act, HU-210, Cannabis Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Synthetic Cannabis
More than 639 calls have been made on synthetic marijuana so far this year according to the American Association of Poison Control Center (AAPCC). The number has doubled each year since 2009. I will be explaining; what synthetic marijuana is, why people smoke it, the side effects of it, and how the government is taking action on the issue. I would hope that after listening to this that you would never give it a second though on whether you should smoke this if ever offered to you, or if you know of someone smoking this that you would warn them about it.

Synthetic marijuana is a mixture of dry leaves that is sprayed with poisonous chemicals to mimic the effects of THC. One of the major chemicals sprayed is called HU-210, which is very similar to THC’s molecular structure. Spices that contain the HU-210 chemical became illegal in the Unites states because it is listen as schedule 1 controlled substances. The chemicals CP 47, 497 and JWH-180 are used in the synthetic marijuana mixtures sold in the United States called K2 or Posh. They are not similar to the THC structure and are not listen as a controlled substance. Since these chemicals are only imitations of THC, The common drug test do not test for any of these other chemicals making the synthetic marijuana untraceable.

Most people find out about K2 because they got on probation and have to be drug tested. K2 won’t show up on drug test but still gives you very similar, and sometimes stronger high then marijuana. K2 is also cheap and very easy to get. Most of the times its sold at smoke shop and local gas stations ranging from $11-$85 and has no age restrictions on the purchase. Some people smoke it because it only last 30 min compared to weed lasting a couple of hours. Others smoke it because they are looking for a stronger high. In either situation it is extremely dangerous to use because of the poisonous chemicals you are putting into your body.

Any kind of smoking of harmful to...

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