tears of a tiger

Topics: Black people, Iced tea, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Zane blumgart
Prejudice exists in many forms throughout our society. It is a topic often addressed in literature. In tears of a tiger by Sharon M. Draper the tree types of prejudice found in the book involve the symbol of the tiger, school and the psychologist Dr.Chrrothers. The most important example of prejudice involves the symbol of the tiger. Monty draws tears on a tiger in his class, and the teacher objects. Andy tells his brother that, “if you want to draw tears on your tiger or draw dragons in the jungle, you tell your teacher that your big brother said it was just fine.” This shows that the teacher is biased and not letting Monty be himself. Another example occurs when Andy is thinking about caged tigers. He thinks, “The tiger, who might think he’s equal to all those tigers in the jungle that his mama told him about, is quickly reminded to stay in his place. He soon learns that he’ll never get out of there.” The caged tiger symbolizes African Americans, who are often held back from achieving their dreams. The next example of prejudice is also found in school. When Andy is in English class< his teacher discusses prejudice. Ms.Blackwell has the class read a poem called “One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Winters” by Jacqueline Earley. The poem states, “got up this morning /feeling good and black… walked out my back door/and lord have mercy: white snow!” the poem shows that the black person feels overwhelmed by the white presence. It shows racial conflict. Another example of prejudice is in the teachers’ lounge. The teachers are discussing Andy, and one teacher says, “I don’t think that accident affected him that much. Black kids are tough… a white kid would have cracked under the pressure that Andy went through.” This shows that the teacher is prejudice because she is stereotyping. Finally Andy discusses prejudice with his psychologist Dr.Carrothers. The first example of bias occurs when Andy talks about his dad. Andy’s farther is a...
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