The Abandoned House

Topics: White, Primary color, Stained glass Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: July 12, 2009
An Abandoned House

The mansion stood isolated from civilisation but seemed to be inhabited by somebody. But who? nobody really knew but I wanted to find out.
Standing in front of the furtive gates and rusted black iron gates, I could feel the cold gaze of people walking past, they could probably smell my fear. Gently pushing the gates open ,they let out an ear piercing screech. Walking up the long and cracked windy driveway, I could see strange shaped hedges and unusual lawn ornaments placed carefully on the brown grass. i felt like i was being watched. I felt the glare of eyes burning me.

The path lead to the black door I opened it and stepped inside, only to be attacked by a cloud of dust and the strong stench of mould. It was the kitchen. The kitchen was small, cluttered and dusty. The cupboards were faded green with white flowers and handles. The counters were a dark green, black and white marble with a coat of thick grey dust hugging it. The sink was also very dusty and it had dirty plates and bowls in it and a leaking tap. The tiles on the floor were green and dirty. They green and brown moss pushing the tiles apart. Insects and plants had claimed the kitchen as there own the kitchen. The plants were even forcing there way through holes in the wall and there was a small birds nest in one of the drawers.

I went into the hallway. It was dark and gloomy with large portraits in gold frames hanging high on the walls, all the way down the hall way. Again i could feel the burning eyes. They all had drooping spider webs clinging onto them. The hallway floor was wooden and creaky with a brown and green pattered runner going down the middle leading me to the front door and the staircase. The front door was a double door with stained glass windows and a old welcome mat buried in letters for a various different names in front of it. To the right of it was a little wooden table with a clear glass vase with dead flowers in it. To the left of the door was a coat...
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