The black union Army

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Benefits of the Black Union Army
The black union army is a term commonly used to refer to the black men of African American origin who were mostly recruited into the American army as a consequence of the civil war between the northern and southern states. This war came to an end with the surrender of the non federal forces in the 1865 after a fierce battle that had started three years with the firing on Fort Sumter. As a result racial of discrimination, the efforts of African Americans in winning the civil war were not aired. In the earlier years, blacks were associated with slavery and were destined to hard work and service for the whites. They had no constitutional rights to a position as noble as defending the nation as soldiers until 1963 following the enactment of the Emancipation proclamation in the beginning of the year. This isolation did not end even after recruitment into the army, as white soldiers were to be paid 16.5 dollars while the black soldiers reaped a mere laborer’s pay of 7 dollars a week for their services (A+E Networks, 1). Additionally, the fact that there were only a hundred soldiers recruited the whole year among many of the blacks who were willing to join the forces, greatly depicts the extent to which discrimination had been rooted in the American nation in those days. With their immediate enrollment into the army, blacks were not allowed to engage in direct fights and received substandard treatment in the control of the whites who were to be leaders even in these black troops. By the end of the victorious civil war, a third of the African American armies out of the estimated 180,000 enlisted until 1965, had perished in the battle fields (A+E Networks, 1). During the 1862, the second black militia group was absorbed into the Union army in Louisiana by major general Butler Benjamine led by their own black lieutenants and captains and was to be known as the Louisiana native guards. After this incident, the black men took the opportunity and formed many other colored infantries that helped in liberating power from the non federal regime leading to the formation of the black union armies. Benefits of the Black Union Army

To a great extent, the involvement of African American in the civil war and the occurrence of this war at the time that the democratic government needed a strong force, assisted in uplifting the status and dignity of the black people in the American society. It created a highway to commence a number of constitutional reforms that gave blacks the freedom and chance to engage in many issues affecting the American people as a nation and the black identity unlike before. The Emancipation Proclamation

Since 1792, the federal law had prohibited the enlisting black men into the army and was to submit and work as slaves in the United States. After one year of warfare with the non federal states, there was evidence of victory to the democratic regime. This was led by President Lincoln through involvement of the African American troops in the army (Trudeau &Noah, 40). He had earlier wanted to have blacks freed and involved in the army, but had feared rebellion and loss of political alliance from the north. In 1862, just a year in the civil war, the president started reforms to ensure that the blacks, however discriminated, at least had a fair treatment for the work they were doing in the battles. This brought about the amendment of the constitution in 1863 which gave the black race freedom from slavery and forced labor through the emancipation proclamation rule. In this rule all the black people living in America and held as slaves of the white master were declared forever free and allowed full rights of inclusion in serving the nation both in respectable positions. This was a relief to the black community as many had parted with their families and sold as slaves while others died of hard labor and merciless treatment in...

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