The Concepts of Protection

Topics: Bullying, Want, School Pages: 4 (1770 words) Published: October 10, 2013
The Concept of Protection

When you think of protection, you think of being safe, not being in danger. What do you think about when you send your kids to school? Are they safe? If so who's protecting them? Well if you said the teachers then you are going to be surprised at how wrong that answer can be. I keep my kids safe and healthy when at home, so if they come home upset from being bullied, I wouldn't let them out of my site. I wouldn't want them with anyone but me, my family at home, and school that they attend; but then I realized, I can't keep her safe unless she's with me all the time. Could I really just keep her with me 24/7? Is that normal to have to think about that? NO, but I have no other choice but to send her to school, if I don't send her I could end up in jail for truancy. How many times has your kid ever told you “Mom I don't want to go to school, the teachers are mean and the kids are mean.” When my daughter told me this I just assumed that it was her was of saying I don't like school. All kids go through the “I don't want to go to school stage”. I then started to realize that some of the kids she kept saying were so mean were the same kids she was calling her best friend after school and wanting to go to their house and wanting them to come to our house, so I decided to look into it a little further. When your kids are at school, just like mine, we expect the teachers and staff to keep our kids safe right? Well they are the adults there! Let me tell you the teachers and staff are the actual problems. Have you ever had a kid come home and tell you that the kids made your child to sit in the floor of the cafeteria to eat there lunch either in the middle of the floor or in a corner? Have you ever had your child tell you that they sat in class and had the kid behind them draw on the back of their neck words like “your moms a whore”, or “fagot”, or “fat ugly loser” or any other of numerous offensive things? Have you ever came home to find a...
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