The Criminal Justice System Today and the Three Strikes Law

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Three strikes law Pages: 4 (1683 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Trina Trelles
Criminal Justice 141
Phase 2 the Criminal Justice System Today DB

Habitual Offender Laws are made to target poor minority groups. More than half of California’s adult male population is Latino or nonwhite (55%), but three of every four men in prison are Latino or nonwhite: 41% are Latino, 29% are African American, and 6% are of another race.  All Contents © Public Policy Institute of California 2012 | New York Times Report Of 1/8/2007 found those with private attorneys served an average of 5 yrs. Less than those with Public Counsel. Like most mandatory sentencing laws, the Habitual Offender Law followed the aftermath that came when a few high profile cases were broadcast and the public’s outcry’s turned to hysteria. And in California I can’t help but believe the riots that following the acquittal of 4 white policemen in the Rodney King case didn’t play a big part. I’m not sure about what if any affect it had on other states, but mine will never be the same. On April 29.1992 throughout California race lines were drawn. For the first time middle to upper class white people were seeing how defenseless the LAPD were in controlling mayhem. Thus seeing innocent people dragged and beaten from cars while no one came to their aid. The streets of LA were a war zone. Public option of Law Enforcement forever changed that day. As was seen in later cases such as OJ Simpson Trial. 10/3/1995 Charles J. Obletreb Jr. The Trials Significance and Lasting Effects. To this day Rodney King is described as some kind of heroic icon by some people. The Rodney King Beating: 20 Years Later. In a recent interview with CNN, Rodney King discussed the event that would change his life forever. Yet if you were to look...
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