The Definition of Art

Topics: Art, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Art, like most things, is in the eye of the beholder. It can be everything, but it can also be nothing depending on the status of the artist. Life is made up of art and artistic values, and the unfortunate thing about it is that hardly anyone will notice. Art itself is the purest form of expression, and it can be expressed in three different ways: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical art is art that can be measured by one of the five senses, typically sight, and is created by hand. This usually consists of sculptures, paintings, interpretive dances, songs, or anything else conjured up by a person’s imagination. Physical art is the most anticipated and predictable form of art and can be seen virtually anywhere. The architecture of a building, the color scheme of a business ad, and even vehicles themselves can be considered a physical art. Already, at the early times of childhood, art is used as an imaginative release. For example, the structures children make up of legos and wooden blocks, or the paintings they brush onto a canvas or the wall, can be considered art. It is debatable whether or not it can be deemed good art, but it is art nonetheless. All mundane objects weren’t always objects; at one time, each object was a mere fantasy or thought that had eventually become a dream come true. In simpler terms, physical art is an idea expressed into the realm of reality for all to ponder, see, understand, and enjoy.

Emotional art is another common form of artistry yet is widely overlooked. Unlike physical art, emotional art is art expressed from all creatures but is only shared through connections of the heart. Emotional art is the way a man paces back and forth, deliberating the perfect arrangement of words to express his undying love for a woman dear to him; it is the way a mother rocks her newborn child to sleep on the first day home from the hospital; it is the way an elderly man wails for one last chance to experience and cherish his expired...
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