The Fat Black Women Goes Shopping

Topics: Poetry, Black people, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (611 words) Published: October 22, 2011
The Fat Black Women Goes Shopping
|Subject-matter |The fashion and culture of being thin pushes those fat one into having no choices | |Purpose |Raise awareness to the "thin" culture in today's world and let those who tease others | |(Theme) |understand the situation of those "fat" women | | |Feel pity to those so called "fat" lady | | |it is not their fault but they have no choice | |Emotion |In stanza 1, it developes an unlovable image of the "fat black" woman. The woman has to walk | |(Mood) |from store to store being exhausted which further images the woman as being clumsy. | | |When it comes to stanza 2, the tease from the salesgals changes the mood from showing the | | |helpless side of the fat woman | | |At last, the woman cannot help showing her anger through cursing. | | | | | |The mood changes from the unlovable fat woman , helpless (when being teased and has to | | |pretend hear nothing) , angry and out of control to melancholy | |Craftsmanship: | | |- Structure |Structure...
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